The quality is obvious when you wear a suit made especially for you. Your personal style and preferences are what matters to us. Fabric, cut, buttons and thread are all carefully selected in a creative dialogue with BINDESBØL’s qualified staff and Pal Zileri’s tailor.

What is the essential difference between “Made to Measure” and “ready to wear”?

The difference is in the construction. It is the anatomy, so to speak, of the suit. The inner construction, while itself invisible, is essential to the way the jacket appears on you. Pal Zileri suits are constructed exclusively from natural fabrics and fibres such as camel and horse hair, cotton and wool. This inner construction constitutes the framework around which the jacket is built. The Pal Zileri approach guarantees you a superior garment which unites craftsmanship with the latest in modern technology.

Our qualified staff is ready to take your measurements every day. In addition, Pal Zileri’s own tailor visits us several times a year to take measurements for our customers. Send an email to Jesper Pedersen, jp@bindesboel.dk or call +45 3393 1307 to make an appointment which suits your schedule.

We take measurements every day.

Call Jesper Pedersen on +45 3393 1307 or email jp@bindesboel.dk.